About Company

Petro Kavir Asia Co. was established in 2009 with the aim of localizing the production of cement and acid additives in the country’s oil industry.

The company has been successful since its inception, relying on the knowledge and expertise of its directors and experts and extensive research and studies, while obtaining approval of cement and acid additives from the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry and Laboratory Research Institute of the National Iranian South Oil Fields Company in the list of authorized manufacturer (vendor list) of National Iranian South Oil Fields Company, Exploration Directorate, Iranian Central Oil Field, Iranian Offshore Oil Company and its sub-contractor such as Dana, MEhran,Petro Sanaat Haffar, Sarvak and have a good cooperation with these companies at different intervals.
Managers of Petro Kavir Asia are trying to become global markets by using their scientific and specialized capacities and producing quality products while being among the top domestic producers of cement and acid additives needed by the country’s oil industry. Compete with reputable companies in this field.